1st Cav Reunion

Fort Hood, Texas

June 11-13, 2003

Photos by Capt. Sullins

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After the luncheon
Hal Kushner (Flt. Surgeon,POW),
Bob Nevins (Sqdn.CO '70-'71)
and current C Co. CO Trevor Sullins

After Action Report


Once again the 1st Cavalry Reunion return home and the success of the 9th Cavalry Regiments reunion was unmatched. Even thought the weather put some events on hold, the same spirit that rallied the regiment's veteran during days past carried the day and ensured a good time was had by all.

The week started with the men slowly coming to town as if by horseback, or chopper lifts. Once everyone was accounted for, the festivities began. After a welcome ceremony, the men of the 9th quickly sent patrols to establish the hospitality suite. The stories and conversation flowed, as did the beer. Someone must have conducted a resupply lift, because the tub was filled to the top with all sorts of drinks. Those in attendance included COL. Bob Nevins and COL. Hal Kushner. Current 1-9 CAV soldiers were also there, and as always, enjoyed the interaction and camaraderie.

During the "open house" the veterans came to the battalion and got to look around and see first hand the current condition of their unit. They men got to see historical items that the battalion always maintains on display. Items include pictures, books, and other memorabilia. Additionally, the veterans were able to get a look at the barracks and see how today's 1-9 trooper lives. No doubt comments and comparisons were made and that today's troop has it a bit better.

The week ended with the 9th Regimental luncheon. Again, this was a great success. The Honorary Colonel of the Regiment, COL. Pete Booth, made opening remarks. Following this the current battalion commander, LTC Thomas MacDonald made a presentation on the state of the regiment. This includes past training, future training, and future force structure changes. A commander for 1-7 CAV, the division Air Scouts) even showed up for the event. Apparently, he wanted to meet and talk to the forefathers of his unit's mission. Those who attended were Walker Jones, Cecil Smith, Lynn Shrader, Bob Tredway, Steve Hundley and Lee Salazar.

In keeping with the regiment's tradition, the week was a great success. The current men of the 9th Cavalry Regiment take great pride in the history of the unit. However, we enjoy even more the chance to meet the men who made the history. As always, we strive to continue the traditions you established, even though we now ride to battle in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle. It was an honor to once again host you, and we look forward to the next time. "HEADHUNTERS!" "We Can, We Will!"

-- Capt. Trevor Sullins
    C Co., 1/9th Commanding