Dock o' the River Mini

Jacksonville, Florida

September 30, 2001

Photos by Jack Schwarz

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The Motley Crew
Sonny Boles, Jack Schwarz. Bill Moeller & Tom Meade
Travis Boles (Sonny's boy), Brenda and Bill Brendle (friends of Sonny).
Luther Russell inking his name
Harry Reeg pretending to re-up
Sonny Boles daring me to stop him.
Tom Meade wondering if he should get mixed up with C Trp.
Babygirlsan Haylie Hilton
Rena Russell and Marilyn Meade


After Action Report

Not as many people who said they were attending came, none the less we
had a fabulous time with the twelve who did. To them I say thanks for a
great evening. Special thanks to Jack for organizing everything in
Jacksonville. We met old and new friends that evening and no one felt
strange. It was as if we were one all over again.

Harry Reeg (69-70) came late but joined right in. His story of his
brother's near death experience as a New York Fire Fighter at the World
Trade Center had us on the edge of our seats. We hope his recovery is
quick and that he is united with his family soon. Harry please extend
our thanks and appreciation for the job he did. Harry also told us how
in the Nam he crewed for Bob Tredway. He even signed the flag next to
Bob's name with arrows going back and forth. Wanted us to say hello to
Bob for him.

Jack and his lovely wife Karen (how does she put up with you) were most
gracious. They saw to everything that made the evening most
comfortable. Jack made sure that the group gathered in front of the
flag, and Karen made sure forty cameras went off simultaneously. They
organized, planned, made reservations, and even sent out a map that Tom
Meade had a tough time trying to follow.

Luther Russell and his lovely bride Rena (HOW DOES SHE PUT UP WITH YOU) with
just their presence made a special contribution to the festive event.

Sonny Boles, his son Travis, and his life long friends from Jacksonville,
Bill and Brenda Brendle were a treat to be with. Sonny brought a slide projector
and about athousand slides we never got to see. Time just got away. But Im sure
when we show up in NC for the moon shine tasting party we will get the
chance then. Sonny drove all the way from the North Carolina / Virginia
boarder. Thanks for coming Sonny and it was great meeting you.

Tom Meade and his lovely wife Marilyn (WHO ASKS. HOW DO I PUT UP WITH
HIM?) came in from Iowa City, Iowa. Tom was with Delta troop (69-70).
Tom brought his photo album and had pictures of the EM club after it
took a 122 mm rocket one night. He also had a photo of the guy who got
stabbed in the knife throwing, beer drinking contest. Still don't have
his name. Blond haired guy, we think was from the blues. Tom was full
of stories of how D-troop would go out into the bush and rescue down
birds and pilots. Hell, I had no idea we lost so much equipment.

Babyson, and Babygirlson (Marks daughter Haylie)were fashionably late. They got
tied up in Orlando decorating Babygirlsons first apartment. A day well spent.
After checking into the hotel they decided to take the water taxi over
to the restaurant. Once on board the driver noticed the Cav patch on
Babyson's arm and of course saw the Cav hat. He said he also served in
the Cav at one point in time. He gave Mark a free ride and arranged to
pick him up afterward. As Hilton luck would have it.

The only disappointment of the night was the absence of those who
committed to attend but for good reason could not make it. Vince,
Pappy, and Tim Hope we will see you soon.

The eruption of good cheer and enthusiasm was clearly displayed
throughout the event. I think that explains a good part of the dynamic
of C- Troop pride.

Thanks all,