Charlie Troop
Alaska Cruise 2003

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We are trying to put together a cruise package for the summer of 2003. Please contact Randy Zahn if you are at all interested. Reservations are becoming scarce, act soon. Below is the latest poop from Randy:

8 January 2003

Randy has informed me that there are only a few vacancies left for the cruise, you must act now. Here is his note.

...we have 11 family groups for a total, as of today, of 25 people. We set sail from Seattle on July 12 at 1700 and will return on the 19th. I'm going to MAKE everybody stay an extra day for my birthday on the 20th but they don't know that!!!

Once we arrive in Juneau we are going on a flightseeing glacier tour to include a 20 minute glacier walk with my company at GREATLY reduced rates. Folks can check it out at though the flightseeing link and then click on Juneau. The scariest part of that whole adventure is that I am going to be flying one of the aircraft!!! Guess somebody will have to draw the short straw to see who goes with me!!!



30 Oct. 2002


Spoke with the coordinator last night and was surprised to find that the June 28th sailing is completely sold out already! The next closest offering she could make is a July 12th departure from Seattle. Better ship and chance for better weather and with the number of folks who have said they may have graduation type conflicts late in June, this might be a better option.

Prices for this cruise are: Inside cabin $1099 pp for the first two folks occupying the cabin, a third person in the same cabin will cost $399. Outside (obstructed view) is $1549 pp and $599, outside (unobstructed view) is $1579 pp and $599, and balconies are $1799 pp and $699. All prices are inclusive of taxes and fees.

As these cruises (especially at these prices) book up fast, even faster than I thought, I have had Maxine block 35 cabins for us, 7 balconies, 8 outside and 20 inside. I have already had five requests for balconies so the other is on a first come first served basis as are all the rest of the cabins. We are not obligated to take these rooms and we incur no penalty should we not use any or all of them. What we do need though is some relatively quick decisions. Maxine can use deposits as she has to put money up front to secure these cabins. Deposit is $350 pp with the remaining balance due 75 days prior to sailing.

There are lots of payment options available and Maxine is in a better position to answer any particular questions (about anything regarding the cruise, the ship, shore excursions, etc.) Her full name is Maxine Rosenthal and her e-mail address is FYI I have known this lady for about 40 years and she is above board in all respects. I still need to know your plans too, so please let me know. The name for our cruise is 'Charlie Troop 2003 cruise' so mention that should you contact her directly.

If this date doesn't work out for the majority, we can seek alternative dates too. I just need to know what everybody wants.

Duty calls...must run for now,