Bullwhip Squadron Reunion

October 2006

Thanks to Sonny Boles
for photos below

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Let me tell you that getting six high rankers together was like herding cats, but here they are
Six Charlie Troop Commanders:
(l to r) Billie Williams ('65-'66) Galen Rosher ('69-'70) Lynn Shrader (early '69)
Bob Tredway (late '69) Bob Richey ('66) John Toolson ('68)
Bienemans, Schwarz, Libby,Boles' and Jacksons
Sonny Boles, Pat Bieneman
Jeff Libby & Tom Kehoe
General And Mrs. Jim Smith
Sonny with his old CO
John Toolson
Erika & Derald Jackson
Sonny & Nancy Boles
Red Mike, Sonny
& Cavalier 6
Pat & Carol

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