Brian & Sam's Scooter Micro-Mini

Norman, Oklahoma

November 22, 2002


Sam Hinch (L.) wiith his new Harley and Brian Holcomb who bought Sams old ride
bask in the sun and the pleasure of each others company prior to eatin' some bugs.

Inspired by the above two Walker Jones joins the few...the touched. (Apr. 2004)

After action Report

The 22nd of November 2002, Brian Holcomb hauled his tired butt out of his vehicle at our house in Norman, OK.

He had driven 1500+ miles from his home in Folsom, CA to ours in 3 days. The reason for the drive……he was here to pick up the Harley Ultra Classic that he had purchased from Lou and I during October.

We hugged, visited and hugged again. He planned to stay for a few days, but was running to keep ahead of developing weather. After extensive investigation into the weather forecast, he decided that he must leave (reluctantly) Saturday, for his destination close to Tombstone, AZ to meet his friend Mike. Mike happens to own a trailer that will hold two Ultra-Classics and a motor home to pull it. He was waiting for Brian so they could be on their way to Folsom, CA to visit family for the Holiday.

After lunch and a "Checkout" on the Scoot, we did something that we had dreamed about, WE RODE TOGETHER! What a great time! Here's someone I flew with 32 years ago and now we are sharing another adventure together.

Friday came to a close with a fine Mexican dinner and 1 maybe 2 Margaritas. Lou was the designated driver and she got us home safely. Saturday the 23rd arrived too quickly. After a light breakfast, time temperature in the low 50's so we proceeded to suit up in our leathers. Lou and I took the opportunity to ride with Brian as far as we could and not hold him up too much, as our new Scoot is in its break-in period.

We left Norman around 8:15 AM, rode North to OKC then we got on I-40W for his long trip West. I led awhile, then Brian led awhile, during this time we were getting comfortable with our Scooters, then we rode side by side for the last miles. You can only imagine the amount of bugs on our teeth and the aching muscles in our faces from smiling so much.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. We pulled off the interstate into an abandoned gas station, close to Weatherford, OK a pleasant 100-mile distance from the start.We took pictures then gave hugs all around as we said our goodbyes. Lou and I felt we had to stop so Brian could start making time, as the weather forecast was terrible. We were worried that he would get caught in freezing rain and delay him from making it home for Thanksgiving.

There were two things we would have changed if we had the power. First, we would have had Kathy sharing the experience with us and secondly, the weather would have allowed for a longer visit!

Before he departed, Brian was given explicit instructions to call us every night from his stopping point and let us know how the trip was progressing and if he needed anything. Which he did so we wouldn't be on pins and needles wondering what was happening. As Brian mounted up and rode off on his journey you couldn't have found two happier or sadder Troopers and Wife as there was that day. We had shared another experience that is beyond me to express in words. All I can say is, "Ya had to be there'!

With a good ending, Brian made it safely to Mike's place in Arizona without a drop of rain or adverse weather. Both Scooters fit in the trailer. Brian fit in the motor home with 1 maybe 2 beers and from Arizona on to Folsom he left the driving to Mike.

He said it did take him about 2 hours to wash the Scoot after he got home since it was covered with about a million bugs and that Kathy was really happy to see him as he was her. They could celebrate Thanksgiving 2002 together.

To sum it up, we must do it again, Bro!

Sammy & Lou