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Books About Vietnam: [a great site to find books on Vietnam by Amazon Books; describes content of certain books]

Vietnam Helicopter Unit Histories (from VHPA) [eBay subsite]

Bibliofind (for old, used, & rare books):

Burkes Bookstore: [found copy of “Winged Sabers” years ago when nobody else could – at reasonable cost, thought now reprinted and available softbound at Amazon]



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Edwin E. Moïse Bibliography, a history Professor at Clemson University, maintains an extensive list of publications on Vietnam. GREAT start for research:

Library of Congress:



AH-1 HueyCobra (Combat Aircraft Series) by Lindsay Peacock. W. A. Jones: This thin little paperback is chocked full of historical details and has many photos and several good color illustrations of many units' paint jobs. Included are the shark's teeth versions of C-1/9th, D-3/4th, B-25th AB, and another unique toothy version only identified as "Pale Rider of the 1st Cav." The crossed sabers of the 1/7th are shown. Several angles of an F/8 ship are illustrated. A Marine AH-T of HMM 261 (1983-era) is depicted, as are those of some export countries: Israel, the Spanish Navy, Japan, and Iran. There is an unidentified photo of a flight of 3 Cobras with cool teeth. Another shows an apparent Centaur in the foreground with 5 Marine CH-46s in the background "near Hue", over water. Another depicts a closeup of a Blue Max in a rocket run. A very detailed skeleton drawing depicts most all the internals - each identified in a numbered list. The last section is on later variants. The booklet contains a very good evolutionary history, with many photos. This publication has a heavy Marine influence. One of the 5 chapters is devoted to the Marine Cobra. The chapter on "Cobra in Service" stated that initial Cobra training by Marines was at Hunter Army Airfield. A gratuitous sentence states: "Training was accomplished alongside Army personnel, and some idea of the superior qualities of the Marines can be gained from the fact that, in a class of 39, the four USMC candidates occupied the first four places on graduation." That ought to be a source of pride to you Marines, but I wonder how those four were selected, compared to how Army candidates were "selected." Overall, it is a "must have" book for anyone interested in the HueyCobra. I'm quite sure I found it in a model-and-hobby shop in Tucson several years ago while looking (unsuccessfully) for the old Revell model kit of the AH-1G I used to have.

Ceremonies of the Horsemen by Mark Staggs. Midwest Book Review: In 1970, a California judge sent Wade B. Staggs into enlist in the military for an "attitude adjustment". Ceremonies Of The Horsemen examines Wade's combat experiences in the United States Army as a member of the Fox Troop, 3rd Attack Helicopter Squadron, 1st Cavalry Division AH-1G COBRA [never heard of this ourfit!] and relates the details of the personal relationships Wade developed with those with whom he shared these experiences. Wade returned to California in 1971 after his Cobra Helicopter was shot down and he was critically wounded. However, he was not received as a war hero who had been willing to forfeit his life for the love of country and the safety of his fellow Americans. He struggled with his relationships with others who could not comprehend his combat experiences, poor health as a result of the wounds he sustained during the war, depression, and poverty. In addition to being the story of one man's experiences during and after the Vietnam War, Ceremonies Of The Horsemen is a reminder that war does not only damage the physical body, it is destructive to the mind and soul.

Flight for Life by Marie Maher. Synopsis: Contains firsthand accounts about daring rescues from the pilots, the flight nurses, the paramedics, and the emergency crews of America's helicopter rescue teams. By the author of Trooper Down!

Shock Trauma by Pat G. Jensen. (Fiction). This is the first novel ever to capture the heart pounding, life and death drama of helicopter air ambulance rescue. The story revolves around the misadventures of ICU nurse Angie Jackson, paramedic Russ Andrews and pilot Dale Morgan as they fly to the scene of motor vehicle accidents, assist with mountain rescues, learn how to luge and take part in the 1988 Calgary Olympic Winter Games torch relay. " I got so tired of reading medical novels that were always about doctors and hospitals. As a helicopter flight nurse, I wanted to capture the heart-pounding emotion of racing to the scene of a multi-car pileup. To feel the drama, fear and stress of fighting to keep a patient alive while flying 2000 feet above the ground. I wanted to show readers my experience it through the eyes of someone who's been there...done it...and has the physical and emotional battle scars to prove it." - Author.

Talons of Fire. The recollections of Mike Austin, an Army helicopter pilot in Vietnam. Mike collaborated with 101st Airborne veteran Don Dunnington on this outstanding glimpse into grass roots level flying during the Vietnam War.

The Foundations of Helicopter Flight by Simon Newman. From the publisher: Using practical examples and illustrated case studies, supported by all relevant theory, this text offers an accessible introduction which guides the reader through the theory, design, construction and operation of helicopters. Develops fundamental performance and control equations in order to explore the rotor aerodynamic and dynamic characteristics of helicopters. Example calculations and performance predictions, reflecting current practice, demonstrate how to assess a design's feasibility. Includes numerous photos.

Ten Thousand Hours: Reminiscences of Helicopter Bush Pilot by S. Corley. On-line reader: "Interesting little stories about bush flying between 1950 and 1960 in Alaska and Canada. Enjoyable to read for heli freaks to become an idea how heli flying was during this time. Easy to get in Alaska (1996)."

Primer of the Helicopter War by Charles Holley & Mike Sloniker. From the publisher: Unlike other history books written about the Vietnam War, this book was written with helicopters and their crews as the main focus . . . and, it was written by helicopter pilots. Charles Holley flew scout helicopters in Vietnam and is the author of the highly-acclaimed Bantam War Series book, Aeroscouts. Mike Sloniker flew slicks and is widely-known as a Vietnam War historian. Together they have put together a highly-informative book, filled with first person accounts and photographs, that has no equal. The chapters in the book follow the events of the Vietnam war chronologically, and include the roles played by helicopters in each of the major battles. If you crewed a helicopter in Vietnam, this book is a must have!

The Broken Sword by Lee Westbrook. Exerpt from publisher: How can your Vet do the things he does? Why does he do them? Doesn't he know what it's doing to the family? No, he doesn't ...There are no medals, no citations, no parades, and certainly no glory for those who love, have loved, still love, or wish they could love a Vietnam War Veteran. There are no Purple Hearts for mental scars--yours, or his. For many years, no one knew how deep the Vietnam Vet's wounds were, nor how to begin the healing that would someday restore at least part of what he once was. There is no way to get the whole man back. Perhaps the part you loved the most about him--his innocence--was killed by the war. That part of him cannot be recovered. But, you can get the better part of what is left.

The Jesus Nut by David Freeman. From the publisher: Vietnam helicopter pilots learned to depend upon the threaded retaining nut that secures the main rotor system to the mast on a UH-1 (Huey) or AH-1 (Cobra) helicopter. If that nut failed . . . well, that's why it was commonly called the JESUS NUT. Whether you knew Jesus or not, you were on your way to meet Him! It was near the end of the war and the U.S. was pulling out of theDelta, leaving some of its own behind. When the US Navy gave up on its prisoners in the South, one man didn't. Army Warrant Officer Eric Mohr was determined to see his brother-in-law, a Navy POW being held in the South, set free. When Eric couldn't get help through conventional channels, he found it through his contacts in the Christian community. Backed by the prayer support of a small group of dedicated believers, and trusting in God for direction, Eric and his friends embark upon a dangerous mission in the U Minh forest of South Vietnam. Plenty of flying, plenty of action, and a fresh look at God's work in the lives of men and women during the Vietnam War.

Wings for the Valiant by Robert W. Sisk. On-line comment: "I was a grunt in Vietnam, and Sisk's book provided me with the perspective of a chopper jockey. Like Sisk, I became a writer after the war, and I know how hard it is to make combat real for those who haven't been run through the mill. Read Sisk's book if you want to come as close to combat as possible without getting shot."

Working Hard with the Rescue Helicopter by Cynthia Benjamin. Synopsis: A rescue helicopter pilot spends his day saving people caught in dangerous situations such as fires, floods, and hurricanes before returning home for his daughter's birthday party. Cute.