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S--t, Shower & Shave
Five Minutes
POL Somewhere
Sparky Sparkman &
Bill on Uncle Ho's
Bill's Fantasy with
Judy Cassidy? (* See Below)
Bill and Unknown
Home sweet Hooch
Damn EM
Letter from Home
What a Dump
Kathy Hacker being hit on by
an unnamed Charlie Trooper.
(John Garside??)

Kathy Hacker, Dir.of Special
Services in Phouc Vinh '70-'71

Kathy with pooch Gary Owen
attending an awards ceremony


* According to PV Special Services Dir., Kathy Hacker ('70-'71)
Via Kevin Perrier
(E-2/7& B-2/5 70-71
Thanks to Kathy for her pictures.

 A couple of modern pics

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LOH 252
Bill & 252 at March Field,CA
Bill probably flew this bird

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