Don Armstrongs Photos


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'Blue' 1Lt. Harvey Hopkins
Spc5 Larry Verner (world's best combat Crew Chief according to 39) and Duane Buck
WO Dave Farrell 'Cavalier 42'
a slave to fashion
WO Larry Edeal 'Cavalier 23'
"What am I doing in the back of a lift ship?"
Sometimes you just need a hug from Mother. WO Mike Smith and Capt.Fred Joles.
WO John 'Walnetto' Atkins
WO Wm. 'Bill' Cahill KIA 10/18/70
??, WO Randy Zahn,
Cpt.'Uncle'John Craig and ??
WO Bill Wede and WO Jack Schwarz sharing a moment

Prestart Checklist Item #1
Post a fire guard
Swing low sweet chariot
Another broke LOH returns from 'bodia