Frank Hiser Photos

RVN 1965-66

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Gen. Westmoreland commends the leadership
of Charlie Troop after the Ia Drang campaign.

We Thank CWO Frank Hiser, 'Thirsty Red Alpha' ('65-'66) For These Photos


Frank Hiser ,'Thirsty Red Alpha'
Frank with his 'Pink Panther' gunship
Frank and Jerry Grimm, April '66
Frank, Lt. Nate Farberman and HoChiMinh (Cavalier Monks ancester)
Frank with an M16 weapons system. Also note helmet logo to match nose art above.
The necessities of camp life: the bunker and the club
Various views of the troop area.. So much greener than when I was there in '70.

Monk Ho Chi Minh & Pal

Mahogany Hooch before
Mahogany Hooch after
Joe Waters gettin' the bird