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Blue and Red Gunner


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On 1 December 1966 the Charlie Blues kicked up a two day fight in the village of Phu Huu(2) in the KimSon Valley between LZ Pony and LZ Bird in the "Crowsfoot Region". 'Blue' Capt. Clifford Smith, Allen Nelson and George Gavaria were KIA along with numerous WIA. It is believed that the enemy was massing his forces for further mischief.

On 26 December the perimeter of LZ Bird was breached as the Christmas truce ended by a superior force of NVA/VC but subsequently repulsed. The following morning Charlie Blues were inserted on surrounding high ground and swept down to flush any stragglers.

More on PhuHuu(2)

The book The Battle for Bird by S.L.A.Marshall (The Battery Press 1968) gives an in depth look at both PhuHuu(2) and LZ Bird.