Jan Janus Photos

Gun Pilot 1968-69

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Jan Janus
Jan hefting a 17 pounder
Tools of the trade
Dave Rice must have been the
model Rambo was built on.
The result of a successful
forage mission
Evans Ops.
'Blue' Peter Gutherie
Eatin' Meat. Herb Valencia
& Terry Render
Janus & Rice at the 'Villa'
John M. Toolson
'Cavalier 6"
Terry and the Girlsans
Blue bids adieu to another
Mateus night.
Red CE Larry Merrick
Who says the Nam wasn't beautiful at times?
Troop area at Evans
If you can't fly, drive.
Red CE Jim Phillips
Ernie Burns
Ernie at PhoucVinh Ops.
One of the first fanged snakes
Mishap on the move
to Phouc Vinh