A poem by Phillip A Gaudette
1st Air Cav
Phouc Vinh (RVN) 1970

Thanks to Phill's son

I'd like to tell a story,
About the men so far from home,
About the life they live,
And how they all must roam...

The life they live is a lonely one,
But that's the way it must be,
To safeguard all our loved ones,
And keep our country free...

We all know why we're here,
And what we all must do,
And pray the lord so high above,
That he will see us through...

Last night we had a fire-fight,
A friend of mine had died,
But don't take it wrong my friends,
He died with more than pride...

He died so you could live,
And walk the lands back home,
He died so you could live,
And not be so alone...

Now you demonstrators back at home,
Keep this thought in mind,
Was his life worth that cost,
Or are you really so blind...

Open your eyes and face this life,
We are all in today,
Instead of burning draft cards,
Go to church and pray...

Pray for the day that all the world,
Will someday be as free,
As the country that we live in ,
And always hope will be...

But till that day has come,
That we will live so well,
You'll have to face the fact,
That we all must see some hell...

Hold your head up high,
And think of why we're here,
Be proud of what we're doing,
And give a little cheer...

Oh lord, why won't they listen,
To the words we all will say,
That if we stick together,
The world will be free someday...

So lay aside those little signs,
And stop that picket line,
Say we all get together,
All of us combine...

Lets win the fight for freedom,
Have lots of fun and cheer,
And stop the world from seeing,
All this war and fear...

These men are of the best,
But we can't win alone,
So let us stand together,
And let our freedom roam...

Lets spread the word around,
Don't let us stand alone,
With all of us together,
Our men will soon be home...