July 2002

 We are endeavoring to put together a 1/9th Cav reunion to run concurrently with the Viet Nam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) reunion in Las Vegas over the 4th of July holiday 2002. We are doing this so that all members of the squadron may come together and rekindle the bonds of brotherhood that tied us together as the premier and most successful Air Cav unit in history.

Over the last year Charlie Troop has had a series of mini-reunions around the country (and even Scotland) that proved that our Esprit de Corps remains high. So, with our families, let's come together in one of Americas greatest playgrounds for an event to be remembered.

Below is a guest book, please sign in and let us know your thoughts. This is not a pledge to attend but just a means to get an idea of how many folks we need to plan for. After you make reservations let us know so others will know who will be in attendance. Keep in mind this is for every member of the 1/9th and is not part of the VHPA reunion.



Check for updates

This joint ain't no tent in the rain (or dust). Check it out.


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