Veterans Day 2011

Washington, D.C.

Charlie Troop 1/9th Cavalry Photo page Veterans Day at the Wall 2011

My Thanks to Lisa Jayne for putting this page together

I went to the wall on Veterans Day to honor our lost brothers, it was beautiful, there were lots of vets and a big crowd. They are trying to raise money for an education center and have a million dollar grant guaranteed if they can raise enough to match it.

Joe Galloway gave a great speech saying government leaders should not be making decisions about war unless they have been in a war, and that there are very few veterans in congress and that they should empty out all of the bureaucrats in the big gray granite buildings lining the streets of DC. He got a standing ovation.

I was welcomed home numerous times and thanked for my service, I am not used to such good treatment. We hung out with the 5/7th, John Powell, Julie Kink and MOH recipient Mike Sprayberry, I was honored to be with them. Mike was given an eagle feather with a native prayer by some of his Lakota comrades, one of them his "go to man" he had not seen in 42 years.

Ron Ferrizzi came with his dad a retired Philadelphia policeman and Battle of the Bulge veteran, the Park Service gave him VIP treatment at Arlington and the WWII memorial. It was great to see Mr. Ferrizzi honored, he was excited by the attention and he deserved every bit of it, it really perked him up.

In two days my long lost scout buddy Norris is coming here to Reno for a visit, I can't wait to see him. Brian and Walker will be in town too, it will be a nice welcome for him.

Greg Jayne