C 1/9th Blues



These Pics courtesy of
Jim Hohman Red CE 1967

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It was a nice day and the birds were gassed up so the Blues went for an outing

These Photos courtesy
of John Mackel '69-'70

Thanks to Larry Pruett for ID
Lt. John Mackel ('Cavalier Blue')
and 'Blue India' Spc4 ??
Spc4 Pat Cadenhead(?),
Mackel and Sgt. Tom Criser
Sgt. Larry Pruett, Frank Alameda,
Gilbert Ortiz & Eugene Vanasse
Song Be '69
John with the remains
of a 122 rocket
Red Hootch Phouc Vinh
Nui Ba Ra
3/15/71 Newsweek discovers
it's a helicopter war.
FSB Grant

Buddha's Blues

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