This mailing is being sent to all that I have an e-mail address for. Some of these will not be good addresses, so if you see one that is bad and know the correct address, forward it on. Also if you know of any who are not on this list please send to them.

This is a blanket mailing on 1st notice of motels. Recommend you call and reserve rooms ASAP. the Holiday Inn has reservations confirmed now and will fill fast. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE or you will not be in the motel of your choice. Reserve now! Or you will be one that did not get their choice.

There has been concern if the Holiday Inn will have a bar. The answer is YES.

The three motels have been locked in for rooms and price. We have over 200 rooms reserved. When you call, inform the desk that you are reserving for the Bullwhip Squadron reunion, dates 11, 12, and 13 October. Yes you can come earlier and stay later if you desire. A credit card will be needed for reserving, or prepay. The desk will answer all your questions.

The three motels are;

Holiday Inn (our headquarters) $51.84 per night. Includes Buffet breakfast. Hospitality Room.
Ph. # 1-334-774-7300 for reservations.

Jameson Inn $54 per night. Includes Continental breakfast. Hospitality Room.
Ph. # 1-334-774-0233 for reservations.

All American Inn (formally the Best Western) $48.60 per night. Includes deluxe Continental breakfast.
No hospitality room. They also have economy rooms at $29 for single and $32 for double.
Ph. # 1-866-768-5970 for reservations.

Call the above numbers only! Do not call the national numbers as you will be told that all rooms are reserved. Again, call the above numbers only!

All motels allow 4 per room at the standard rates, with the exception of the economy rooms. Special arrangements can be made for young children. Ask the desk.

All the motels are on highway 231 in Ozark and are within 3 short blocks of each other, same side of the road (west side). For you pilots that means if you are driving south, they will be on your right. (For everyone else get with a pilot and he will, as usual, get you where you're going. -JS)

More information on the reunion will be in the upcoming newsmagazine.

The reunion registration forms will be out in late March with all prices for the reunion and a schedule of events.

Yes we are having a golf tournament Saturday morning 12 Oct.

The last reunion, many brought their complete families to include children and some grandchildren. We expect many more to follow suit for this reunion.

NOTE: Send no money to me until you receive your reunion registration papers and figure up the cost!

If any questions, call me at 334-774-0328 or AL Defleron at 334 -692-5685.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at this reunion. With your help, it will be the biggest and best yet.

Loel Ewart
LTC (Ret)