Gordon Jones Photos

Blue and Red Gunner



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Gordon 'Dyno' Jones with
Mr.Ho (Cavalier Monk)
? Bagget, Jones, ? Woran, Unk
Six's Hooch in AnKhe
Dyno and Samuel Anselmi
Chu Hoi
Jerry 'Smoky' Schmotolocha
HoChiMinh aka Mr.Ho,
aka Cavalier Monk
As best as can be determined this LOH was used to train CEs and mechanics prior to being deployed. Steve Hundley said "Myself and several mechanics went to school on the OH-6 sometime around Mar '67, because they were scheduled in later that year. There were several at AnKhe for the school. This may be one of those. When I left the end of May 67, we had not received any, but they were expected soon if I remember right." As is typical with the 'green machine' it was a year and a half later (long after those trained had DEROSed). Forrest Frields tells us that the first batch of 4 (6?) LOHs arrived late 1968 while at Camp Evans.
'Old Bones' and Dennis Rosenthal (?)
SSgt ? Perry '__Mike'
PhanThiet by the sea
Hosie(?) Ward, ? 'ShortRound' ?,
Unk, and Jones

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