Ray Janes

U.S.Air Force FAC

Phouc Vinh 1969

Thanks to Ray for these amusing remembrances.
You can get a copy of his whole Viet Nam Diary
by contacting him at janesx2@verizon.net

Here is a photo of me taken in front of the FAC Hooch at Phouc Vinh the morning after my cubicle was hit with a rocket. I’m in the Army flying suit the 1/9th gave me and is now in the Vietnam Archives at Texas Tech. I’m wearing my Cav hat which was one of the things to survive the hit.

Here is a picture of my OV-10. Notice the Cav patch painted on the nose. It was on both sides. I also had the 1/9th crossed sabers painted on the nose I have in a separate picture. I also had the crossed sabers painted on the back of my helmet which I also have in a photo. An interesting side light. The paint job was illegal so every time the bird went Bien Hoa for maintenance they would paint it out. When the bird returned to Phouc Vinh my crew chief would park it with the paint pots beside him and it would be repainted before the engine cooled off.


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