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Charlie Troop Welcomes You

Warrant Officer David Robert Kink (seen here with his mother and Lil' sister Julie) was a scout pilot killed in action on 3 August 1969. (Panel 20W Line 92)

Julie 'Lil' Sis' Kink seen on the left in her 2nd grade picture (the year her brother left for Viet Nam) is a familiar face around Cav doings. On the right is Julie with her brothers CO, Major Bob Tredway at the "Wall" in D.C. November 11, 1999 (would have been David's 50th birthday!).

"Uncle"John Craig (Cavalier '25') on the left checking his funds to see if he has enough to pay the er, hooch maid in Phouc Vinh Nov.'70. On the right he seems to be remembering the er, hootch maid. (/70)(A Trp.'67)

Capt. Fred 'Mother' Joles standing by in Thien Ngon early '71 during the ARVN Cambodia foray. On the right at the '99 Nashville reunion, Mom expounds on the rigors of command (lift plt. leader & trp.XO) to any that will listen. What was that about an old dog and new tricks?('70-'71)


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