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Walker A. 'Jonesy' Jones (Cavalier '18' &'22') seen on the left in his scout reincarnation (he also flew guns). Jonesy is untireing in his efforts on behalf of Charlie Troop. On the right, Jonesy is seen here sporting the latest in army surplus marital aids. ('70-'71)

WO John R.'Jack' Schwarz (Cavalier '44') on the left standing before his luxurious digs (and I do mean dig, you don't think those sandbags fill themselves?) in Rancho Tay Ninh-o, RVN Feb.'71. The slick driver was sentenced to live in a tent after having a cush job with the 4th Inf. Div. in II Corps. On the right Jack seems to have lost some of his military bearing but none of his grace and charm.(11/70-3/71)

Major Eldon 'Keith' Ball (Cavalier'6'), the Oscar Meyer himself, seen here in Tay Ninh, early '71 writing another one of his letters to Gen. Abrams demanding to be transfered to a unit with some discipline. On the right in Nov.'00 ol' 6 doesn't seem to have suffered any lasting mental trauma. (12/70-4/71)

William Joseph 'Bill" Cahill (Cavalier '12') was a scout pilot killed in action 10/18/70. (Panel 6W Line 7)

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