Then and Now

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Lt.Michael T.LaChance('Cavalier Blue') is seen here in late '70 demanding that the twenty pizzas he ordered be free because they were 35 minutes late.('70-'71)

At the 2000 reunion in D.C. three former CO's of Charlie Troop confer, over what I assume is birch beer and lemonade. Their comparison of notes of over-imbibing warrants, overbearing junior officers and insubordinate enlisted men is, I trust, tempered with a little pride. Left to right: Maj.Robert Tredway (4/69-11/69), Maj. Cecil Shradar (1/69-3/69), Maj.Galen Rosher (12/69-6/70).
Lt.John J. Mackel (Cavalier Blue/6x) in '70 attempting to call the Supreme Being (or maybe just the lift pilot, they're much alike) on a primative army cell phone. Notice the cord in his hand that, in those days, had to reach back to the cell tower. The kindly Lt. flew guns as well as being blue plt.ldr.('69-'70)
Bill 'Doc' Boardman was a medic for the blues. He is seen here in the posh 'hook' revetments in suburban Tay Ninh in early '71.('70-'71)

WO Vaughn S. Lane(Cavalier'28') was a Cobra pilot. He looks like he just found out that he got the last box of c's and it was the Ham with Lima beans. On the right the SOB hasn't changed at all.(2/69-2/70)

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