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Capt. Patrick E. Stewart(Cavalier'25'& Red) "Whatta ya mean the O-club's outta beer! The gentle Capt. was the gun platoon leader. (3/69-2/70)
WO David A. Farrell (Cavalier'42'). All I can say is, you know you are short if you disguise yourself as a half naked dead German chancellor on vacation. The lift pilot was also our Huey I.P. On the right Dave the lifer retires,. Who knew? (3/70-3/71)

SSgt Gary L. Pope(White Mike/Blue Mike) You have to ask yourself: "What in Phouc Vinh in '70 could make anyone this happy"? On the right at the July 2000 reunion Gary is still a strack trooper. (3/70-3/71)

Spc5 Lee J. Salazar is seen here at Camp Evans up in I Corps in '68. Lee was a gunner for the Red plt. back when they were issued doors. He also flew a little lift to relax. Evidently he is in the process of stealing the White Plt. sign. On the right Lee has obviously found the fountain of youth. I hate it when that happens.(2/68-2/69)

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