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WO Donald 'Donut' Armstrong (Cavalier '46') on the left in Tay Ninh 2/71. With that stateside holster rig he looks like he's ready for the gunfight at the An Khe corral. On the right Father Don is still battling the dark forces arrayed against us. ('70-'71)

Stephen L. Monger, a scout gunner, looks tuckered out after a heated discussion with higher ups about the anatomical placement of certain regs relating to length of hair. Steve went to E Trp. from Oct.'70 to Feb.'71 and then came back to C Trp. He was WIA Apr.'71.(8/70-4/71)

Cavalier Monk, seen here engaging in two of his favorite past times, eating and exposing himself (much like the rest of us at the time). Allegedly an OCS washout, he also failed in the role of Kit Carson scout. He was beloved by many especially Monger for his cuddly behavior.

WO Brian S.'Hotel' Holcomb (Cavalier 34H) was transfered into C Trp. in late '70. On the right at the 'Wall' in July'00. Still a handsome guy, right Hotel?(3/70-3/71)


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