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WO Samuel T.'Sam' Hinch (Cavalier'41') a brave and fearless lift pilot on the left in Tay Ninh '71. On the right at the dawn of a new century. Sam, whose wife obviously takes better care of him than 'Mother' did, still looks like he could whup a little butt.('70-'71).

WO John Anthony Jelich (Cavalier 18) was a scout pilot in '68-'69. He was KIA on 4/1/72 on his second tour while flying for D Co. 229th scouts. Among his awards were the DFC, Silver Star and the DSC. (Panel 2W Line 126)

WO Mike Tuttle (Cavalier 17) was a scout pilot who saw the countryside from I Corps to III Corps. On the left seen here in Phouc Vinh about to take, what appears to be a fairly new LOH, out to get dirty and full of holes. On the right in '99, Mike (evidently an anti-smoking zealot) peers from beneath a questionable amount of greyless hair. That wouldn't be a wig-hat Mike? (8/68-8/69)

Lt. John Currie'Wimpy' Hansen (Cavalier'15') Was a scout pilot KIA 7/15/69. (Panel 21W Line 125)

Lt. Martin J. Wcislek(Cavalier Blue) seen here in Tay Ninh '71.

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