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The Ghost In The Orange Closet
T L Criser

A Charlie Blue delves into the recuring problem of Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder. This insightful and revealing story will enhance your
understanding of PTSD and help them heal from those "Unseen Wounds of War."
(Visit Toms website for all the lowdown. )


Snake Pilot: Flying the Cobra Attack Helicopter in Vietnam
Randy R. Zahn

Fellow Charlie Trooper Randy Zahn (1970-71) details the rigors of
being the the 'high' bird in the final stages of the 1/9th's distinguished
service in Viet Nam.
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Brennan's War
Matthew Brennan
Presido Press, 1980

The life and times of a 'Blue' who spent 39 months in country.


Headhunters: Stories from the 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry, in Vietnam 1965-1971
Matthew Brennan
Presido Press 1987

First person stories from the troopers, pilots and crew members of the 1/9th.


Hunter-Killer Squadron
Matthew Brennan
Presido Press 1990

A sequel to Headhunters.


The Cavalry Trade
Col. John B. Stockton

"John B. Stockton was a central figure among the handful of Officers who led
the Army's drive in the 1960s to exploit the potential of the helicopter in
ground combat." (and the 1/9ths first CO)
"Aside from its value as entertainment and history, the book has application as
a leadership text.Young officers of the combat arms could study with profit his
account of the training and battle techniques used to develop and employ his units."
-Gen. (Ret.) Robert M Shoemaker.
To order this book send a check or money order for $15 plus $2.50 postage to:
Mrs.Rita Stockton, 555 N.E. 34 St., Miami, Fl. 33137


Pleiku: The Dawn of Helicopter Warfare in Vietnam
J.D. Coleman
St. Martin's, 1988

Covers the first battles between U.S. troops (the 1st Cavalry
Division) and the PAVN, in what is usually called the Battle
of the Ia Drang, autumn 1965. In the latest St. Martin's Paperbacks
printing it is renamed Choppers.


J.D. Coleman
St. Martin's, 1991

This book is both broader and narrower than is suggested by
the title, which refers to the attack on the Cambodian sanctuaries,
May 1970. Coleman, who was an information officer with the 1st
Cavalry from April 1969 to April 1970, concentrates on the 1st
Cavalry, which was only one of the forces involved in the incursion.
But he also runs the 1st Cavalry's story back to 1968 instead of
concentrating on events of 1970.


We Were Soldiers Once . . . and Young
Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore & Joseph L. Galloway
New York: Random House, 1992

The definitive book on the battle of LZ X-ray in the Ia Drang
valley, 1965. Moore was a battalion commander; Galloway
witnessed the battle as a journalist.


It Took Heroes: A Chaplain's Story and Tribute to Combat Veterans and Those Who Waited for Them
Claude D. Newby
Bonneville Book, 1998

The story of Newby's first tour in Vietnam as an Army chaplain,
September 1966 to September 1967, with the 1st Cavalry Division.
He is the chaplain described under the pseudonym "Gerald Kirk" in the
book Casualties of War by Daniel Lang, who helped bring to light a
rape-murder committed by some soldiers of the 2/8 Cavalry in November 1966.


It Took Heroes, Volume II
Claude Newby, Chaplain (Retired)

"The second volume of It Took Heroes is off the press.
This volume continues the story and tribute to those
who endured the darkest days of Vietnam. It is as accurate
and truthful as I could make it, relying on memory, personal
and official journals, interviews with many of you, and other
sources." To get autographed, numbered copies of the first
printing send $15.95 plus $2.30 for postage and packaging) to:
Claude Newby, 641 West 3300 South, Bountiful, UT 84010.


Anatomy of a Division: The 1st Cav in Vietnam
Shelby L. Stanton
Presidio Press, 1987

"Tells the story of the First Cavalry Division, the first American
division primarily mobilized by helicopter. The book covers the
early experiments in army helicopter operations as well as specific
operations in Vietnam. . . . The accessible text features a good
balance of analysis and narrative." -- Booklist.


Winged Sabers: The Air Cavalry in Vietnam
Lawrence H. Johnson III
Stackpole Books, 1990, 2001

A study of the Air Cavalry concept from its inception and testing
through its implementation and baptism by fire. Chapters include:
Air Cavalry Development; Cavalry Missions and Organization;
Combat Tactics; Aircraft and Weapons Systems; Unit History;
Uniforms; All in a Days Work; An Air Cav Scrapbook.


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