RVN 1969-70


May 1970 

Front Row: CPT Anderson (D Trp CO), CPT Paul Funk (A Trp CO), MAJ Bob Hardin (SQD
XO), LTC Clark Burnette (SQD CO), MAJ Jolley (B Trp CO), MAJ Galen Rosher (C Trp CO)
Back Row: CPT Bill Carrier (H Co., 75th Rgrs.), LT Mike Murphy (SQD S-2), CPT Bill
Martin (HHT CO), MAJ. William Harris (SQN S-3), CPT Bill Huff (SQD S-4 note C TRP
Gun Patch), LT Riley, SQN S-1

Cliff Lee and Ron Boldholt
Gayle Jennings
Captured weapons at HQ PhoucVinh
Ready to hook out Blind Faith

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