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WO Mark H.'Babysan' Hilton seen on the left in 1970 as a newly warranted officer awaiting his wings. The 'deer-in-the-headlights' look notwithstanding Babysan made it back unscathed. On the right Mark in 2001 on a visit to Scotland. (1970-71)


Sgt. Donald W. 'Big D' Frederick was one of those unsung heros who stayed up late at night to keep our birds in the air. To break the monotony he liked to fly a little gunner duty on the C&C birds.On the left is his cool self in Phouc Vinh late '70 and on the right in '97. (1970-71)


LNO Vincent K, "Vince" Nelson, Jr., Lift /Sct Ldr 'Cavalier 50' . On the right still lookin' cocky in Aug 2000. (3/69-3/70)


WO Grover E. Wright, an intrepid Cobra pilot 'Cavalier 24' on the left in '70. He allegedly painted the first shark teeth on a charlie troop cobra and a tradition is born. Seen on the right in 2000. (1969-70)


CWO Frank Hiser, 'Thirsty Red Alpha', seen on the left in 1966. Frank missed the boat ride over with the Cav in 1965 but was in on the Ia Drang campaign and the other excitments of those early days. On the right in August 2001. The word ageless comes to mind.(1965-66)



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