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Spc4 Eldon 'Big E' Murray seen on the right in 1968, was a gunship CE who worked the II Corps and I Corps from Ban Me Thout to the A Shau. WIA 10/68. (1968)


Jerry Schmotolocha, seen on the left in the central highlands in 1966. "Smoky" humped the radio for the blues in the early days of the Ia Drang campaign. On the right at a reunion in '99 he's still smiling after all these years. (1965-66)


Wallace "Woody" Woodward seen at right at the Bullwhip reunion at Ft. Hood in 1999. Woody was a 'blue' radioman in 1965-66.


Spc5 Jeff Libby seen at left at Camp Evans. Jeff was a Gunship CE and plied his trade from LZ Twobits to Bong Son to Evans. (1967-68)


Spc5 David "Davski" Dzwigalski on the left in 1969. Davski was a lift gunner whose latent insanity caused him to extend to be a scout gunner and crewchief. On the right in 2000 ol' Dave is resting comfortably. Dave passed away 8/11/02 from cancer. (1969-70)


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