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SFC Lionel DeLaRosa on the left in '70. Lionel has made the rounds through the squadron. He came to C Trp. from B Trp. and spent his last three months with D Trp. His first tour in '65-'66 was spent as a gunner with the Head & Head Trp. during the early days of the Ia Drang and Pleiku Campaigns. 30 years later his spirits seemed to have picked up. He is currently attempting to erect a monument to the 'Buffalo Soldiers'. (1969-70)

Phil Norton, on the left in Phouc Vinh in 1970. Phil was a scout gunner. On the right in 2000 at the C Troop banquet in D.C. (1970-71)

Phil 'Pat' Patterson, on the left in 1969. Pat was a Scout observer. He was WIA in January 1970. Pat is now a Public Defender in Tallahassee, Fla.(1969-70)

Lt. Harvey L. Hopkins, 'Cavalier Blue', was the Aerorifle platoon leader in the waning months of 1970. When not on nature hikes he could be found taking inventory of the Dolly's doughnuts. There was talk of a certain Generals daughter. (8/70-12/70)


WO Toby "Toby-jet" Tyler, 'Cavalier 18', flew Scouts and lift. (1969-70)


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