Then and Now

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WO John 'Gary' Buchanan. Gary was a lift pilot turned Scout. He was KIA 24 December 1970. (1970)
Panel 05W line 4


Captain Charles "Irling" Smith ("Cavalier Red & 3") was the Gun sec. leader and XO, on the left in Oct.'69. He was downed and lost to cancer 26 August 2000.(1969-70)

Captain David M Mathis ("Cavalier 25 & Red ") was Gun sec. leader on the left in Oct. '69. (1968-69)

SSgt Thomas E. Blount ("Cavalier Blue Mike") was the Blue Plt. Sergeant seen at left in Phouc Vinh in 1970. (1970-71)

WO Charles 'Chuck' Iannuzzi ("Raider 24X") seen left at LZ Two Bits . He was WIA. On the right at our reunion in 2008. (1967)

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