Then and Now

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WO Charles Derrick at left at LZ Two Bits. (1966-67)                                        

Captain "Big Al" DeMailo, 'Cavalier Red', on the left in his Captain America persona, was the gun section leader in Phouc Vinh/Tay Ninh. Seen on the right in Montana at a flag mini in 2001 he is again but a mere mortal. (1970-71)

WO "Little Al" Sellers, 'Cavalier 21', was a Cobra pilot in Phouc Vinh/Tay Ninh. On the right hosting the Montana flag mini in 2001. (1970-71)

Captain Enn I. Tietenberg was the Lift Sect Ldr. and XO. Cavalier '5' died in October 2001 of heart trouble (1969-70)

Capt Joseph G.Kappel, 'Cavalier 17 and White' (1969-70)


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