Then and Now

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James 'Blackie' Black, on the left in Chu Lai. Blackie was a blue with Charlie troop from June through August 1967. He was transfered to B Trp. where he was a blue and a red gunner. On the right the same suave dude stares proudly out from under his Cav hat. (1967-68).

James A. (Jim) Hohman, on the left at LZ Twobits in 1967. Jim was a gunner then CE on B & C model guns. On the right in 2000. (12/66-9/67).

Lt. Ernest Burns was a gunship pilot. Ernie was KIA 14 July 1969. Panel 21W line 115


Staff Sergeant Ray Davis was a Red crewchief, he was KIA 14 July 1969.Panel 21W line 117

PFC Dewey Butler was a Red door gunner, he was KIA 14 July 1969.Panel 21W line 116


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