Then and Now

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Capt. John W. Powell 'Cavalier 15/25' was a scout and gun pilot. John is active in Cav doings and manages to make sure C Trp. is taken care of. (10/68-11/69)

Capt. Ron Beyer Scout Plt.Ldr.,'Cavalier White'. On the left in Phouc Vinh. He took over HHT in 1971. On the right at the Vegas reunion. (1970-71)

Capt. Cecil 'Smitty' Smith was Scout sec.Ldr. and Ops. officer (Cavalier White & 56C). On the right in 2002. (1969-70)


WO who took a direct to Lt. Kurt Schatz, "Cavalier 12", was a gun pilot who flew them all. On the right in 2002. (8/69-8/70)

WO William C. 'Wild Bill' Frazer was a scout pilot with Charlie Troop for a spell then went to B Troop. (1970-71)


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