Then and Now

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1Lt. Robert Young looking cocky as he peers out of his H-13 Scout bird in the central highlands in '65, he was the Scout Sec.Ldr (Thirsty White) On the right a more refined (yet still cocky) Bob at the 'Wall'.(1965-1966)

Sgt. Tom Criser ('Cavalier Blue India') was a Blue and carried the radio for the platoon. On the right in '02 he still has those rugged good looks that made Mama San swoon. (1969-1970)

WO John Earnest Anderson was a Scout pilot KIA July 21, 1969.

Panel 20W line 27

Spc5 Paul W. Moore was in Tech. Supply keeping a ready reserve of parts available to replace those made unusable by those pesky pilots. (1970-71)

Lt. Glenn 'Buddha' Jenkins, "Cavalier Blue" ponders his next move after swiping Uncle Ho's hat. (1968-69)


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