Then and Now

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Spc.5 Ron Ferrizzi was a scout gunner and CE on 13's and LOHs. (1967-68)
Spc5 Cleveland 'Julio' Rogers was an armorer and we can thank him for keeping that lead spewing out to allow us to accomplish our mission. Another can you believe how young we were. (1969-1970)
Spc4 Greg Jayne was a scout gunner & CE. (1968-1969)


Gary Farmer was a blue . (1970-1971)


Sgt. Phillip Merritt was a blue. More focused as the years progressed (1968)
"Lil' Blue" Robert Andrews was 'Blue India' in the blues. (1970-1971)
Spc4 Richard Crenner was a scout CE/gunner and one of the original folks to go over. (1965-1966)

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