Then and Now

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John Kunzi flew scouts and lift.(1969-70)
Captain Bobby J. Good was Operations Off and Lift Plt Ldr 'Cavalier 35', 'Long Knife 3A' (1969-70)
Sgt. Ervin Bier was a blue then a scout observer. Although somewhat furrier now he still looks like he can take care of business. (6/70-6/71)
Sgt.Hanibal Blankenship was a blue
sqd. leader ('68-'69)

Sgt. Claude Singletary was a blue sqd.leader (6/67-6/68)




SSgt Gary Rogney was a scout gunner promoted to 'Red Mike'. (1970-71) On his first tour he was with A Troop as a scout gunner (1965-67)


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