Then and Now

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JR Sveren was a red CE. We're not sure if he has indian blood in him or he was just making a statement but his hair has grown out to be the envy of many of us. (1968-70)




Van Bailey was a squad leader during the11th Air Assault days. He was chosen to fly over to AnKhe with the advance group in '65. (1965-66)

Tom Stokesberry was a Red CE and also did time as line chief and Red Mike.He now lives so far back in the woods of northern California that he has no electric service. Can't help but feel he has the right idea. (1969-70)  



WO Rudy Ribbeck flew guns during our little stint in the Bong Son. He's still pulling pitch and you have to wonder if he gets the urge to roll in hot. (1966-67)



 SSgt Dave Roger was a Blue squad leader and a ranger. Smokeless pipes and wineless goblets, he definately knows when the lifers are watching. (1969-70)



 WO Joe Rhoden went over on the boat in '65.On the right at the 1st Cav reunion in '99. Doesn't look old enough. ('65-'66)



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