Then and Now

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WO Dirk Kretchschman was a gun pilot (Cavalier 22) flying B Models. Looking at his picture from the Nam you have to wonder if they called him Fonzie. (1967-68)

Sgt Don Gresham was a Scout gunner . He was wounded 8 February 1970 and medivaced out. (1970).

WO Ricky Johnson our fair haired boy smiling then and smiling now and no wonder with his lovely bride Dixie. (1967-68)

Spc5 Wallace "Titch" Tichnell went over on the boat and was the CE for 'Thirsty Six'. I don't know what those 'boat people drank over there but they don't seem to age.(1965-66)

Spc4 William "Bill" Clark was a red gunner. He was among the original folks to go over on the boat . (1965-66) We lost Bill on 24 January 2008.

Capt. Mike 'Shadow' Martin, Scout pilot, section leader Cavalier /White (1969-70) Deceased October 21, 2009



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