Then and Now

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Spc4 Patrick Bieneman was a blue RTO and a serious looking guy. (4/68-4/69)
Spc4 Ken McDonald was a Red CE in the Camp Evans days.(10/67-3/69)
Spc5 Don Coshey was a Red CE who came over on the boat. He was Thirsty Red's crewchief. (1965-1966)
WO Ronald E. "Barney" Vestal was a Scout then Gun pilot, 'Cavalier 13/ 27' (1970-1971)

WO Paul Hart (Avenger 37) standing proud in his Cav Hat in AnKhe in '67. On the right, although still a proud trooper, he shows the effects of the malady we all brought home with us; 'EFS' (expanding forehead syndrome)  (1967-1968)

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