Then and Now

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1st Lt. David Keel was the Scout Platoon leader and later Operations officer 'CavalierWhite'(1968-69)
WO Bill Wede was a scout pilot in the waning days of our involment. There would be no mistaking him at a reunion. (1970-'71)

Spc5 Garth Rankin was a scout gunner WIA 1970. (1969-1970)

James "Sonny" Boles was with the troop from January 1968 through June '69. He was a Red CE until insanity set in and he transfered to the Blues. An unfortunate rappelling accident while trying to extract some wounded ended that career path. (1967-1969)


Bill Martin started off during the11thAAD and came over on the boat. He was the motor sergeant . On the right Bill still cuts the fine form of a strak trooper. (1965-1966)

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