Then and Now

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Captain Abe "Pops" Stice ('Raider 35') was the lift platoon leader during our little stay in LZ Two Bits in '67.He was medivaced home after being WIA in a morter attack in Sept.'67. Still smiling after all these years. (1967)

Spc5 Keith Owens was an armament specialist in PhoucVinh. Like the rest of us odd things have happened to his hair. (1969-70)

Spc5 Ernie Ryan was an avionics specialist while the troop was in the Bong Son. (1967-68)

Spc Tommy Betts was a Red/Lift gunner. (1966-67)

Spc4 Ed Lovelady was a Red gunner and was WIA when Maj. Toolsons bird went in. With the exception of the hair color change I think you could pick him out at the reunion. (1968)


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