Then and Now

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William Don Potter
WO Lift pilot
KIA March 27, 1969
Panel 28W line 063
WO Edward P. "Hogie" Hogeboom ('Cavalier 16') was a scout pilot seen on the left inspecting a rotorhead. Hogie was WIA but made it through to become the fine figure of a man seen on the right.
SSgt Larry Verner was the Lift Platoon Sergeant (70/71)
Spc4 David Drews was a scout gunner. From the looks of his hair color ol' Dave seems to have the same hair dresser as President Reagan. (1970-71)

Randy Kekar was a scout gunner. He assures me that the object he is lighting at left was obtained legitimately from a SP pack. On the right looking fit Labor Day '03.(1970-71)


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