Then and Now

Page 18

Spc5 Harvey Zeliph was a Lift gunner then crewchief. On the left in PhoucVinh in'70. On the right in aught-three. He still seems to have the eye of the ladies. (1970-71)

Sgt. Thomas Kehoe was a blue squad leader, also worked as the liaison NCO between the troop and the brigade First at Lai Khe and then at Song Be (1968)

Lt.Herb Skinner (Cavalier 18) flew Scouts. On the right in 2003 Ol' herb looks like he's holding up pretty well. (1970-71)

Sgt. Tom Griener was a blue in 1967. One of the true success stories Tom now owns a saloon in Daytona Beach. (1967)

Spc4 Phillip Gaudette was a blue in '70-'71.

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