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09/08/09 A war story by Forrest Frields here.

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08/28/09 Steve Karas and Bruce DeHarts Obituary here.

08/09/09 Ray Kerns Obituary here.

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06/03/09 Info on Bob Tredways interment here.

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08/20/08 Added Julies Mirco Mini with Big Al here.

08/15/08  Added Randy Kekar's ('70-'71) Obituary here.

08/13/08 Added Pics of the Melbourne, FL reunion here.

07/04/08 Added Pics of Flying Thunder Mini here.

07/04/08 Added pic of Ed Lovelady & Rolando Salazar here.

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05/20/08 Added Bill Clark's Obit here.

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3/31/08 Added a story from Walker Jones here.

03/07/08 Added Pics of Kevin Frye & Rae Bailey to Remembrance Page here. Thanx Nate.

02/02/08 Posted info on the 2008 Reunion here.

12/12/07 Added pics from Mike Askew '67-'68 here.

10/15/07 Pic of the 1/9th monument at the Motts Military Museum here.

10/01/07 Joe Kline sent a pic of his latest print done for Paul Hart here.

09/08/07 Pechanga mini June 2007 here.

08/03/07 Thanks to Nate Schafer for a pic of The St.Louis reunion 1995 here.

08/01/07 Dirk Kretschman's Then and Now pics here.

07/26/07 Dirk Kretschman and Ken McDonald meet up after 39 years here.

07/7/07 Added picture of Ronald "Joe" Fulton KIA to Remembrance page here. (Thanks to Paul Hart for the pic)

07/05/07 Added Paul Hart to the Now&Then page here.

05/21/07 Added Barney Vestals pics to Then&Now here.

04/23/07  Charlie Troop shirts now avaliable in the PX here.

04/04/07 Added to the Remembrance page WO Robert G. Fortin KIA 13 Sep.71 while assigned to the 3/17th

02/10/07 Pics and a letter from the CO of Charlie Troop 2007 here.

01/02/07 Added KIA Joe Harold Keifer to remembrance page here. (Thanks Pat Bieneman)

12/02/06 Trooper Robert M. Bradley (blue 7/68-11/68) died 11/9/06 Obit here.

11/13/06 John Mackel's after action report on the Nam tour here.

11/09/06 Veterans Day 2006 by Glenn Hess here.

10/20/06 Added names to the Remembrance page here. (Parrett, Selenka, Scicutella, Sabens, Gonzalez, Martin,Porrazzo, Wise, Craft Schrader, Viestenz, Spear, Burch, Seigler, Sutherland)

10/17/06 Added Don Coshey to the Then&Now here.

10/16/06 BullWhip Squadron Reunions pics here.

08/20/06 Ed Lovelady and Ken McDonald ('68) reunited here and a few more pics here.

08/12/06 Photos of the Fife Lake reunion here.

08/07/06 Added Pat Bienaman to the Then & Now pages here.

06/05/06 Graduation time. Brent Zahn in Alaska here and Kim Hilton in D.C. here.

06/01/06 Julie's VietNam tour pictures and narration here.

05/07/06 Sonny Boles sent in a pot full of new pics. Please help with names if you can here.

03/10/06 Bill Martin ('65-'66) photos here and Then&Now here.

03/06/06 Lee Salazar (Rde/Lift CE '68) passed on See info here.

01/25/06 Latest poop and final itinerary for the VietNam tour here.

01/23/06 Finally got Sonny Boles in the Then&Now page along with Garth Rankin here.

11/10/05 Phil Nortons obituary here.

11/06/05 Galen, Randy and Brians Discovery adventure here.

10/23/05 Added another page to Gordon Jones page here,

09/28/05 Mike Tuttle and Bruce Huffman meet in Lafayette, LA here.

09/15/05 Pic of a Florida Micro here.

09/15/05 More pics here

09/07/05 Pictures of the New Orleans Reunion and Hilton wedding here.

08/23/65 Latest info on the Nam tour here.

08/16/05 Dave Keel finally sent in a Now photo here.

6/30/05 Info for the '06 reunion and also a Nam tour. Also on the home page.

05/16/05 Reunion Update here.

05/01/05 Read a memorial by the Jacksonville (FL) Times-Union of Kevin Frye KIA here.

04/26/05 The latest from Babysan on the June reunion/wedding here.

04/26/05 More sad news. Steve Hundley's son was KIA in Iraq. More here.

04/26/05 Eldon Murray passed on last saterday. His obituary is here. Please keep his family in your prayers.

04/09/05 Added a couple more pics of Kathy Hacher here.

04/05/05 Picture of Kathy Hacker, PV Special Services 12/70 here.

03/30/05 Added Bill Wede's photos here.

03/27/05 Then and Now pics of Dave Keel and Bill Wede here.

03/09/05 Julie and David (KIA) Kink's mothers obituary here.

03/07/05 Added a few more pics from Dave Keel (finally got his pic on his page) here.

02/22/05 Posted some newly found pics of Bill Cahill here.

02/09/05 Added a picture of Dave Bryant KIA to Remembrance page here.

01/23/05 A few pics from John 'Walnetto' Atkins here.

01/05/05 Identified Gary Hayes pic here.

12/22/04 Walker and Ron Beyer meet here.

12/13/04 Photos from Ed Lovelady '68 here.

12/11/04 Ed Lovelady Then&Now here.

12/09/04 Information on the June '05 Reunion here.

12/08/04 Sonny Boles and Jack Schwarz welcome newly found trooper Ed Lovelady here.

11/4/04 Added Charles David Sonnkalb, Jr to Remembrance page. (Thanks Ed Lovelady)

11/3/04 Dothan group pic here.

11/1/05 Tommy Betts Then&Now here.

10/25/04 Bullwhip Squadron Reunion 2004 here.

10/24/04 Ernie Ryan Then & Now here.

10/17/04 Denver Micro here.

10/15/04 Pictures from Keith Owens '69-'70 here.

8/26/04 Pictures of the Reno Mini here.

8/2/04 Keith Owens Then & Now here.

7/28/04 Offspring Update here.

7/6/04 Randy Kekar sent a pic of Dorsey Findley and LOH 252 here.

6/30/04 Offspring Update here.

6/21/04 The latest poop on the Reno Mini here:

6/18/2004 Added KIAs Sgt.Paul Frederick Weber and PFC Warren Fred Brown to Rermembrance page.

6/12/2004 Randy Zahn and Grover Wright took a litte X-country read all about it here

5/31/04 Added SSgt George Dale Slye to Remembrance page here.

5/3/04 Dave Farrell finally sent in a Now photo here.

4/5/04 Peter Fonda Jones here.

4/5/04 Dave Keel sent in some additional pictures here.

4/1/04 Added Ronald Joe Fulton KIA to Remembrance page here.

3/23/04 Pictures from Abe Stice 1967 here.

3/17/04 Posted a link to Lee Salazars C Troop pics here.

3/7/04 Then&Now pictures of Abe Stice here.

1/22/04 Randy Kekar Then&Now here.

1/19/04 Latest info on the Bullwhip Squadron reunion in October here.

1/13/04 Bravo Model F--- Communism here.

1/12/03 Pics from Randy Kekar here.

1/12/04 Then and Now of Dave Drews, Scout gunner '70-'71 here.

12/23/03 Finally, pried from the icy death grip of a polar bear mauled eskimo the
               Alaska Cruise pictures here. Merry Christmas.

12/22/03 A picture of Babysans sons wedding here.

12/22/03 John Wiley Hazelwood Obit here.

12/19/03 Walkers updated Book List here.

12/17/03 Tim Hope sent these pics of the 1/9th Monument dedication here.

12/03/03 Julies pics of Vets day in D.C. here.

11/04 03 Check out the new PX page for nifty items here.

10/26/03 After a year long haitus to these pages is Walkers latest Saber article here.

10/24/03 Larry Verner sent in some great pics of the best looking Cavaliers here.

10/21/03 Added James Ungaro to the Remembrance page here.

10/14/03 Randy Zahn's book is finally out check it out here.

10/06/03 Walker stops by D.C. here.

10/05/03 New MIA/KIA entry for Gregory Alfred Antunano here also check guest book.

10/03/03 Bob Youngs obituary here.

09/29/03 A couple more pics from Sammy here.

9/23/03 The first pics of Sam and Brians Iraqi adventure here.

09/09/03 A Then&Now entry for Edd Hogeboom here.

09/-4/03 Expanded After Action Report of Orl Mini here.

08/31/03 Labor Day get together in Orlando here.

08/31/03 I found a current picture of Don Armstrong here.

08/29/03 Sammy Hinch returns from Iraq here.

08/24/03 Dick Marshall's (the first 'Red') obituary here.

08/11/03 A neat link to Army Aircraft Armament here.

08/08/03 Word about Sammy here.

08/02/03 First pic in of the Alaska cruise (more to come) here.

07/26/03 Offspring Update here.

07/12/03 Julies Orlando after action report here.

07/08/03 4th of July Mini here.

06/25/03 First pics in of the 1st Cav reunion here.

06/21/03 Tom Kehoe photos here.

06/19/03 Jack heads north here.

05/19/03 Added a PX section, check for bargains often here.

05/14/03 Brian's coming home here.

05/13/03 A letter from Sam here.

05/09/03 Please let me know if you have an interest in a bullion patch here.

05/05/03 A poem by Phill Gaudette here.

04/27/03 Harvey Zeliph visit to Fla here.

04/21/03 Tom Griener Then&Now here.

04/21/03 Pics of Bill Moellers trip south here.

04/05/03 Pic of Walkers N.C. trip here.

03/19/03 Then and Now pic of Tom Kehoe here.

03/11/03 A note from Sammy here.

03/10/03 Harvey Zeliph Then&Now pics here.

03/07/03 A letter from Brian Holcomb here.

03/06/03 Paul Harrison Then&Now pics here.

02/27/03 See a Picture of todays Charlie Company here.

02/22/03 Hilton & Moellers Russia Trip here.

02/02/03 Steve Hundley Then&Now here.

01/22/03 Brians latest update here.

01/17/03 Info on Charlie Troop Orlando Mini in July here.

01/17/03 History of the 9th Cav Crest and Coat of Arms here.

01/08/03 Alaska Cruise update here.

01/04/03 Brian Holcomb recalled to active duty here.

01/04/03 Brian and Sam's Micro-Mini here.

12/31/02 Spc4 Earl R. Grove KIA April 10, 1967 here.

12/28/02 Another recollection from that zany funster Edd Hogeboom here.

12/22/02 Forgot to mention the Houston get together here.

12/22/02 A message from the Web Orderly here.

12/18/02 Then and Now pics of Doug Ashworth here.

12/17/02 An amusing anecdote from Edd Hogeboom here.

12/08/02 Forrest Frields on the Then&Now page here.

12/08/02 Gordon Jones sent these pics from 1966-67 here.

12/03/02 A remembrance by Edd Hogeboom here.

12/03/02 Smoky sent these pictures of Blues from 1966 here.

11/28/02 Walker updated his Library list again here.

11/27/02 Smoky sent some additional pics of Ozark here.

11/13/02 A few pics from Jim Hohman here and here.

11/10/02 A story of a LRRP extraction by Bruce Huffman here.

10/30/02 Check out Alaska Cruise '03 here.

10/28/02 Sonny Boles Pics here.

10/23/02 More Ozark pics here.

10/18/02 Charlie Troop Callsigns here.

10/16/02 Walkers latest Saber articles here.

10/16/02 First pics of the Bullwhip reunion here.

9/13/02 Bruce Huffman's ("68-'69) photos here.

09/07/02 The last of Frank Hisers pics here.

08/30/02 Jan Janus ('68-'69) photos here.

08/26/02 More Frank Hiser pics here.

08/23/02 Walkers updated reading list here.

09/19/02 Pictures of DavSki's Interment here.

09/18/02 We mourn the passing of David Michael Dzwiglaski here.

08/16/02 Dave Keel Pictures ('68-'69) here.

08/11/ 02 Two more KIA on Remembrance page. Waller & Harper.

08/10/02 New names added to the Remembrance page. Wallace, States & Gossage

08/09/02 A couple of new stories from Bruce Huffman here.

08/05/02 News of Randy Zahn's new book Snake Pilot here.

08/04/02 More 1965-66 pics from Frank Hiser here.

07/30/02 Dave Keel Photos here.

07/27/02 Official AAR for the Battle of Hoa Tan (1) from Jim Hohman here.

07/25/02 Smoky found three KIAs: Isaacson, Koch and Noyola here.

07/20/02 First Cav Mag April 1968 from Bruce Huffman here.

07/18/02 Julie's Vegas AAR here.

07/16/02 More Vegas Pics here.

07/15/02 Julies VHPA pics here.

07/15/02 More Vegas reunion pics here.

07/11/02 Notice of the passing of Wally Waldron, Cavalier 25 here.

07/10/02 A preview (or is that postview?) of Vegas here.

06/17/02 Tulalip Mini, Washington State here.

06/13/02 A note from the Web Orderly here.

06/11/02 Added John Anderson (KIA) pic here.

06/10/02 Vegas update here.

06/07/02 Don Armstrong photos here.

06/01/02 Oak Hill Mini, SoCal here.

05/31/02 A couple of stories from Kurt Schatz here.

05/25/02 Photos from John Powell here.

05/24/02 The January 27, 1971 Cavalaire and the February 7, 1968 edition here.

05/22/02 A few pics from John Mackel here.

05/20/02 Tom Criser 'Then&Now' pic here.

05/13/02 A list of must read books by Walker located on the Library page here.

05/12/02 Walker's latest Saber article here.

05/10/02 New Mini Pic hereand here.

05/09/02 Pics of Uncle John and Lew Robinson here and here.

05/06/02 C Troop Formation for Jon Swanson MOH at Arlington here.

04/29/02 Bob Youngs 'Then&Now' here.

04/27/02 Walter Maude ("70-'71) sent his Ops. patch.

04/10/02 New Then&Now pics here.

04/04/02 Pics of Vince Nelsons D.C. mini here.

03/31/02 Story by Bruce Huffman here.

03/26/02 John Powell here.

03/21/02 Put pics of Ernie Burns, Ray Davis and Dewey Butler here.

03/03/02 Vaughn Lane has finally graced us with his smiling face here.

03/02/02 Jim Hohman sent these wonderful pics of LZs Hammond,Two Bits
               and the Bong Son here and a few more here.

02/22/02 BWS Reunion news here.

02/22/02 Jim Hohman pics here.

02/21/02 C Troop commanders added here.

02/18/02 Added Sam Hinch pic here.

02/17/02 Reunion update here.

02/17/02 Gary Hayes obituary here:

02/14/02 Added Walkers Jan/Feb Saber article with a surprise pic here.

01/25/02 Added Joe Waters pic here:

01/17/02 Added Westmorland pic here.

01/13/02 Added Jim Black here.

01/11/02 Added links to pictures from the Roster page

01/09/02 Announced the Charlie Troop Vegas reunion. Info here.

01/04/02 An insiteful look into the very early days of the Cav in RVN
               by Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reporter Charlie Black here.

12/27/01 Added pics here and here.

12/4/01 Tietenberg pics in Then&Now here.

12/1/01 Obituary for Capt. Enn Tietenberg here.

11/16/01 Walker Jones' latest Saber article here.

10/23/01 Flight Surgeon Capt. Hal Kushner's POW story here.

10/22/01 New 'Then&Now' pics here and here. C Troopers can read the Jan.27, 1971 issue of Cavalaire here.

10/19/01 Big Sky Mini pics at Walker's new site here.

10/2/01 Jax Mini Pics here.

9/21/01 New Guest page here.

9/15/01 Cavalaire, the Cav newspaper 20 May 1970 here.

9/11/01 Jacksonville Mini Map Click here.

9/7/01 Walker's latest Saber article here.

9/6/01 Frank Hiser pic here.

8/30/01 Chuck Iannuzzi's pics here.

8/25/01 Mike Smith Pic here.

8/15/01 Orlando Flag Mini pics here.

8/13/01 New content here and here and new pics here.

8/6/01 New pics here.

8/5/01 Two new pics here

8/4/01 New pics here and here (Norton).

7/26/01 New pic here.

7/25/01 New names on the Remembrance page. ( Dornellas, Carroll, Wright)

             New Story here.

7/23/01 New name on Remembrance page (Pascual).

7/23/01 Added pictures here and here.

7/9/01 Upgraded Roster pages and added pics here.

6/29/01 New Pic here.

6/26/01 Added Pat Patterson Pics here and here.

6/25/01 Added four names to the Remembrance page (Smith,Kaneshiro, Green & Nelson)

6/14/01 Added new Mini Pics here.

6/3/01 Content added here.

6/2/01 Added content here.

5/31/01 Added new Mini pics here

5/30/01 Added Scroller to Home page (IE only)

5/28/01 Added a story here

5/21/01 New pics here

5/16/01 New pics here

5/12/01 Added Davski pics here.

5/6/01 Added pics here and here.

5/2/01 Added Mini pics here

5/1/01 Added Picture here

4/26/01 Posted Davski here

4/22/01 Posted Lil' Sis' VWMP Speech here

4/22/01 Linked KIAs to the Wall data on the Remembrance page

4/20/01 Added pics here

4/18/01 Added Smoky here

4/13/01 Added new pics here and here.

4/11/01 Added Library page here and new photos here

4/7/01 Added links to Lane and Ball photos here and a pic of '252' here.

3/30/01 New Pictures added here.

3/29/01 Added even more content here.

3/24/01 Added 1st Cav Magazine here

3/16/01 Added content here 

3/13/01 Added pics here and here and here and here

3/10/01 Added Mini Reunion page here

3/4/01 Added Revisions Page